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Thursday, April 14, 2005
ActiveGrid releases alpha

Here are screenshots
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Spikesource : Pooled Test Matrices

I see the need for the Spikesource service described in the article, and especially the value it offers ISV's looking to save money publishing product compatibility matrices.

OTOH, in my experience testing is pretty far down the list when it comes to resource prioritization (and thus budget). I wonder if Spikesource can wring enough dollars from that rock?
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Tarantella joins remote access giveaway

(February 16, 2005) "Tarantella, Inc. today announced the availability of a free single-user license for the Linux industry’s leading secure application access software, Secure Global Desktop™ Enterprise Edition 4. The free license is fully functional and is available for immediate download at There is no purchase required, the license has no expiration date and is subject to the terms outlined in the end-user license agreement."

Their site has a PDF describing the acrobatics required to get Tarantella up and running. I'm not sure why a single user (where access control is not too relevant) would prefer this to simply port forwarding x/vnc/freenx to *nix or using logmein et al on win32, but choice is good.

I found this because Tarantella came up in a conference call yesterday. I guess they OEM a remote access solution that costs $60/user/2 years. Functionality-wise it sits between Citrix and Terminal Services, but is cross-platform. I can't help thinking I can do better, but the scenario I'm considering is multiuser windows and the secure, end-user- and firewall- friendly alternatives are few and pricey.
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