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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Kragen Sitaker lays in to Enterprise Software

Enterprise software is software that gets sold to a so-called enterprise. If you know English well, you might think an “enterprise” is something brave, noble, and dangerous, like starting a small business, but in this case, “enterprise” is used to mean the opposite: it means a large, risk-averse company, whose executives use the term to flatter themselves by pretending that they’re engaged in something brave, noble, and dangerous.

I work both with and around enterprise software. I agree with the Kragen's sentiment that the 'enterprise' monicker reflects as much (or more) a company's sale force structure as a product's technological prowess... but Kragen says it much better.

via Brian McCallister
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Semantic Web: Not just for astronauts

Stefano Mazzocchi does a commendable job demystifying the semantic web, and importantly bringing it into the realm of something you actually might find useful. I learned a lot reading this.
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