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Monday, April 18, 2005
Entering the blogosphere: Vikrum Sequeira

I nudged my cousin Vikrum Sequeira into starting a blog.

Vik just graduated from Cornell and decided to spend a year or so working with an NGO in India. He is extremely good at writing, shooting photos, and keeping in touch, so it seemed obvious to me that he'd write an compelling blog. And now he does. I really wish I could take photos like he does.
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ExtendDb: Clustered Pg

The ExtenDB Parallel Server is a loosely-coupled clustered database system that delivers blistering performance for Business Intelligence needs at a very low cost. It includes intelligence to maximize parallelization, achieving near linear scalability for fast query response times. At the same time, by utilizing reliable commodity hardware and proven open source technology, the ExtenDB solution costs a fraction of that of traditional vendors. ExtenDB is a Business Intelligence solution that is functionally rich, easy-to-administer, and offers as-needed scalability at an unbeatable price.

Lots of good stuff on the pg news feed. Subscribed.
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What is bizgres?

The Bizgres Project aims to make PostgreSQL the world's most robust open source database for Business Intelligence. A Greenplum sponsored community project, Bizgres has already begun attracting participation from developers and companies around the world.

Business intelligence is such a fuzzy term. If they're adding rolap/etl/etc. to postgres, (which I would love,) they'd really do themselves a favor by just saying so. I couldn't figure this out from the website.

Update more info in the press release

Developments are expected to include:
  • full table partitioning
  • high-speed java-based bulk loader
  • interactive configuration script
  • performance knowledge base
  • solaris binaries
  • improvements to PostgreSQL I/O
  • configurations for popular DSS software

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