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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
2005 Looking Back

Here's my annual list of things that happened last year. It's not really a list of achievements as much as some things that might help me remember this year.

So, in no particular order, 2005 meant :

  • A couple new MSOLAP Projects, in supply chain management,
  • Many CRM implementations. Although J2EE based, focus on customizations and data migration allow me to continue avoid (mostly) Java web dev.
  • More clickstream analytics - can't escape this problem space - this time in mysql
  • Dove back into ASP.NET in a big way for two projects, just in time for MS to throw the best-practices cards in the air with 2.0.
  • My first pure e-commerce website/client - a boat I never caught during the boom.
  • became a Getting Things Done convert. now I, um Get Things Done better.
  • Fell in love with darcs, selenium, hamachi ( in that order )
  • Ditched my leaky watercooled pc for a svelte dualcore.
  • Moved to REAL OFFICE from HOME OFFICE. Home office now serves as sleeping quarters for my very cute 6 month old.
  • flirted with an Ubuntu desktop (virtual) but it didn't stick
  • I got a hotshoe flash for my Dimage A2, and now all the indoor photos I take aren't either terribly blurry or deer-in-headlights subjects framed by annoying wall shadows. Worth paying the lugging tax - no question.
  • Attempted to make dell router's dhcp not suck so much by installing flash linux distro. This worked brilliantly until reboot, whereupon I succeeded in producing decorative plastic brick. :-(
  • Bought a Mac. Actually two. I needed to debug some IE/Mac website issues, and I found a clunker G3 tower on craigslist. The prior owner had wiped Stuffit however, and you need Stuffit to install Stuffit (btw thanks Apple for this catch-22), so I bought a second (even older) mac to fix the first because it came with OS CDs. Ugh -- if only I could have gotten Sheepsaver to work, my dual-core could have emulated rings around these relics.
  • My 17 yrs old (ish) cat died. The vet said something poignant when we took Malloy to her for the last time. He will be the last pet that is truly yours for a long time. The next ones you own will be your kids'. Now malloy wasn't my cat from birth, since I er, married into his family, and that family found him at age ~3, but he was a great cat and I (and my whole neighborhood) will miss him alot.
  • I had a big year for business travel (something that's generally been pretty rare for me), doing interviews for a ~ $2M CRM platform selection engagement. Business travel could definitely be worse when you're staying in South Beach.
  • did a teeny-tiny bit of paid openacs work. Just when you think those TCL books are taking up too much shelf space ...
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