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Thursday, January 26, 2006
Crazy bandwidth prices

So one day last week I saw 10Gig of OasisVM downloads. That was a high water mark, but got me thinking about how to handle ~300G/mo if things kept going up. I know bitTorrent swarmed downloads are the way to go, but I found out that for the $10/mo I was paying to upgrade to the 100G/mo tier, I could pay dreamhost for 1 *Terabyte*/month b/w(!)

I needed some direct download capacity for the torrent-impaired, plus dreamhost accounts have a number of other features that make them a better place than for me to

  1. host my friend's domains and
  2. serve read/write version control repositories (darcs/svn/svk) to clients

So I signed up.

Lucky for me, dreamhost did not read "The Economics of Online Storage".
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