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Thursday, January 19, 2006
cooperative secure distributed online storage. for dummies?

AllMyData : Xdrive meets freenet?

The crux of AllMyData's model is that they don't need any hard drives. They use everyone in their network's drives to form a P2P storage network.

You give them a certain amount of space (ie 10GB) and that allows you to store 1GB in their distributed network (aka small chunks of data encrypted and stored other people's hard drives, linked via P2P software).

For every person sharing 10GB, if we assume they store 4 copies of your data around the network for redundancy - they get 5GB to sell.

I like how they get around the economics of online storage vendors by piggybacking off their users' free hd space. This makes a lot of sense to me.

Update: allmydata has a _1 terabyte_ backup plan for $30/month. WOW. It's kind of like a ponzi scheme for storage. (but legit? )
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